Why Buy Australian Property?

Why Buy Australian Property

Property has always been a tangible asset that can yield solid returns. Property investment in Australia can offer an international investor a safe haven in the Asia Pacific Region. Australia has had one of the world's most consistent property markets over the last 30 years. Here are some of the reasons why foreign property investors should be looking at Australian property:

  • Real estate prices around Australia remained stable throughout the Global Financial Crisis (GFC).
  • Highly regulated lending.
  • Australia is stable both economically and politically, which cultivates a peaceful and secure style of living. Australian has been internationally recognised as an economy that is well managed with strong fundamentals. Australia’s performance can be credited to the nation’s level of technology and the quality of it public institutions.
  • A well-established legal and property buying system. In fact Australia is developing a National Electronic Conveyance System which will provide a single national electronic conveyancing system for use throughout Australia.
  • Population growth and rising incomes have ensured the demand for housing outpaces supply, which in turn causes prices to rise.
  • There is high rental demand due to currently high property prices
  • Investment markets are regulated such that they are transparent and low risk in the Australian sector
  • Australia has a Torrens System of land titling which offers an extremely high level of certainty regarding property ownership and the location of a property.
  • A good education system both secondary and tertiary has attracted students from all over the world.


Why apartments are beneficial:

  • Environmental benefits- less use of motor vehicle or greater use of public transport.
  • Changing wants and needs-people are moving away from the idea of large family houses. Ageing population and well as young educated young professionals who wants more of a lifestyle. The ageing wants to be close to amenities such as convenient shopping, restaurants and hospitals. The younger wants to reclaim hours lost in horrendous hours of commuting between home and work.
  • The state government of Victoria projected that 620,000 new dwelling will be needed by 2030
  • Apartment living has its appeal, liveability and connectivity to working places and transport services. New style design promotes community living with attractive communal facilities fostering a social hub of its own.
  • Apartment rental yields are more attractive than a suburbia house for example.
  • Land tax is minimal as land content is low.
  • Huge depreciation benefits and no or very low maintenance issues when a property is brand new.

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