Australian Property Hub focuses on selling new property developments to local and international clientele (non resident). Our approach is to give you all the necessary information to make an informed purchase decision. We can assess each client individually and advise them on which property would be best suited to their needs. Our clients range from first home buyers to experienced property buyers, those wanting residential property and those wanting investment properties. Our clients are often one of the first to hear about new projects before it’s released to the public. This allows them to take first pick of the best units or lots.

Can non-residents or foreigners buy Australian Properties?
For non-residents looking to purchase Australian property, you can ONLY buy new properties which means you’ll often be buying it off-the plan. Buying it ‘off-the-plan’ means you are buying a property before it is built or before it is completed. Temporary residents, foreign residents, or short-term visa holders from any county need to apply to the http://www.firb.gov.au/ (FIRB) to purchase real estate in Australian. These guidelines cover what you can buy. It is critical that the property you choose is built by a reputable builder or developer to ensure that the project is completed to an acceptable standard. To this end, APH aims to select good developers and builders who has a track record of delivering great results in the past. We will provide very practical guidelines and precautions on matters relating to buying property in Australia.

Borrowing funds for the property:
Through our association with Mortgage Zone we can provide you with guidelines on how to borrow funds from an Australian bank or other lenders to buy these properties. Occasionally, we will publish relevant market information that concerns the property market in Australia, such as a suburb profile, median sales prices, comparative market analysis, capital growth, other sales data and changes in lending guidelines.

Property investment should be a long-term commitment. While the market can move up and down, the trend in the long run generally sees positive growth in the value of property. We believe that investing in the right property is one of the keys to building a strong financial future. With experience in building property portfolios we will help you find the property that is right for you.

This information is to be used as a guide only and is not to be relied on to make a purchase decision. You should always undertake your own due diligence.

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